Retreat Scheduling


Dearest souls in Jesus,

The time has come for me to share that the Holy Spirit has directed the little soul to spend the rest of his ministry in Christ focusing upon where he started many years ago; that is the First, Second and Third Holy Epistles of St John. Perhaps, also, I sense the Lord leading us to focus upon: Ephesians, Philemon, Colossians and Philippians.

Therefore, we are announcing now that we are taking retreat applicants for one week long one on one spiritual retreats here at the Motherhouse here in Nashua, Montana; and eventually at the hermitage (37 acres), when the Lord allows us to have the resources to build facilities there.

My beloved in Christ: the Schola will offer Biblical Studies credit for those who complete the seven day intense reflective time in these epistles. For now, this is our focus.

If you wish to contact us to arrange for a time that would be suitable for you; please contact me through a CONTACT message and a means to communicate with you; and we will give you our contact information privately. We have limited facilities and will need to properly schedule with retreat attendees and it will require communications beyond that offered here.

We are committed to focusing upon Christ Jesus our Beloved First Love and True King, now and forever; and we invite you to share in this dialogue in our newly constructed facilities here in Nashua in the Northeast area of Valley County in the Big Sky country of Montana.

The costs associated with such a retreat are yours to ponder between the Holy Spirit and your own resources. We feels as God purposes in your heart, so you should share; as these things cost us locally. Prayerfully consider perhaps giving to scholarships for others unable to give anything except their persons to God for this time in the reflective encounter with Jesus through these retreats.

We do not “beg for money”; this is not our policy; but we share the needs for money in this world to build facilities and purchase the resources to feed and properly house our retreat attendees.

May God bless you dear souls.

In the Love of Jesus:

Abba Anthony, the recluse


Abbot +Martin

Abba Anthony

The Hermitage; (Monastery of Mary in the Wilderness)
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