A Lenten thought

(MH– March 6th, 2016, a Lenten thought)

When he was dying, Abba Pambo said:

From the time that I came into this solitude and built my cell and dwelt in it, I cannot remember eating any food that I have not earned with my own hands, nor speaking any 3537745001_5db010fc9dword that I have been sorry for until now. And so I go to the Lord, as one who has not yet begun to serve God.

For Abba Arsenius, this was a rule for the whole of life:

‘Be solitary, be silent, and be at peace.’

When we move all the time and fail to ever REST in PRAYER — we only move about and come to the place in the end of realizing we have wasted our lives in fruitless activity.

Dear soul, I wish I had just RESTED early in the Prayer of Jesus and never done anything that I did to satisfy others into thinking I was “normal”…

abba anthony the sinner

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