THE Best Decision

THE Best Decision for the little soul

(From the Heritage of Mary on February 25th 2014)

Dear one,

The Best Decision was not his decision at all – as it was the time and place that he recognized to follow the Voice of Jesus further into the desert – forsaking the accolades of men – his position of authority (such as it was) – leaving the chaos of the worldly squabbling – “who is the chief disciple among us?”  Yes, leaving that nonsense to follow Mary of Bethany – Mary Magdalene – even Mary the Mother of Jesus – following in order to listen to the Voice of Jesus – the “better Way” – the Way that will not be taken from him.

Abba Zeno the disciple of abba Sylvanus said: “Do not dwell in a famous place, and do not become the disciple of a man in a great home.  And do not lay any foundation where you build yourself a cell.”

There is much Truth in this!  We seek all too often to establish OUR legacies and not Christ.

We are a sad bunch of servant of Jesus – when we think more of our false self than His Person and the new man we are in Jesus.  O dear, when will we awaken to the Truth in Him and have a heart like the three Mary’s we have mentioned?

How Lovely is His Voice – how calmly He speaks to the hearts of sinner – O, perish from my former life O soul that has repented – may that former life of chaos be damned – and may my Beloved LORD and Savior – our true King – and His new Life for the little soul be a blessed one in Jesus.  For the little soul desires to only see Jesus – he seeks to know Him who is forever Blessed and Beloved – for our Bless Hope is Jesus.

O, GOD – how can we decide in favor of what the active soul cannot comprehend?  We are now content to pray for such souls that become too busy to know this Blessed Desert Place in Jesus.  Om GOD, the little soul knows the deception of becoming too busy to stop and pray within the hermitage Within.  Take time dear one to be holy – set apart a place and time to Love and Listen to our First Love – He comes and waits beside you – nay – even more –inside your very being in Christ – Christ in you the Hope of Glory whom we preach – He comes to make you holy in the Perfect Love He IS.

Abba Anthony the repentant sinner

+ + +

The scribes and Pharisees once condemned and reproached the Lord for eating and drinking with publicans and sinners. To this the Savior said: I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance (Matthew 9:13). From these words of Christ it is evident that the purpose of His coming into the world was our repentance. If repentance was the purpose of Jesus Christ’s coming into the world, then it is clear that we, too, ought to consider repentance the purpose of our entire lives and all our labors.

archbishop seraphim sobolev


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